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Image of J. A. Tyler's In Love with a Ghost

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J. A. Tyler's In Love with a Ghost


"Read this for the sake of beauty that exists but is not yet inside of you."
—j/j hastain, author of new forms and meditations


J. A. Tyler’s In Love with a Ghost is compact mass. Is (by densities of language) revolt against orthodoxies of linearity. When entering, consider these questions:

What is it to intentionally refuse to carve a path into a place that could remain pathless? 

What would it be like to be a naturalist in a non-linear text? 

Is it possible to move through a space and not have our moving through it leave the marks of our having been there? 

The title In Love with a Ghost roots some of the aspects that extend and contract within this book in ghosthood—in the unnamable—the gritty ineffable. This book more than anything is an embodied (rather than inherited) and impassioned performance of the language of pull and push between and regarding "the [. . .] boy" and "she." Here we are taken through the charged content of an unexpected ecosystem that is in desperate need of our staying with it to hear it—to hover in it—to help bear its loads.


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* This title was printed in a limited edition for AWP 2012.